Nature & Moi Cheese

 Next Foods Cheese by Nature & Moi

nature & me offers the delicious taste of cheese to complement your favourite dishes for a healthy and environmentally conscious diet. Produced in France, the country of cheese, the range nature & me exclusively of vegetable origin aims to offer quality products for a vegan diet.

Through this range of "vegetal" cheese, we want to bring a taste and nutritional solution to our customers suffering from food intolerances or wishing to follow a partial or entirely vegetable diet.

We do not forget the benefits of a BIO diet because we also offer a range of Vegan products, respecting organic farming. This certified organic range should quickly develop for your pleasure.

Dairy-free Gourmet Slices Original 200g 

Dairy-free Gourmet Shreds Cheddar 200g

Dairy-free Gourmet Shreds Pizza 200g